We are a Seattle brew of gamers, artists, geeks, and bookish types who practice life in balance. We cherish our children and family lives, pursue adrenalin-invoking action (cycling, rock climbing, and equestrian pursuits), laugh at each other’s jokes, and thrive on intellectual challenge. If you’re a student, we have intense internship opportunities throughout the year. So if you’re into Computer Science or a related technical major, we offer terrific engineering and SQA experience. If you’re studying Psychology, Business or Marketing we also have internship projects in many non-technical fields. While there are no open paid positions at Mindbloom right now, we are always happy to review interesting resumes. We especially look for expertise and experience in:

  • Social media and online marketing
  • Content management
  • Usability and software Q.A. and testing

If you would like to introduce yourself, please send a cover note and resume to