Seeding Your Creativity

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.” ~Dr. Seuss

We are all about play at Mindbloom. When our minds are not locked to a computer monitor, we can often be found playing an instrument or game. Beyond taking a break, reducing stress, and creating bonds with co-workers, we find play opens up our senses toward being creative. This creativity fosters our innovation as a company and add a great deal of personal satisfaction to our work.

Mindbloom Life Game and Bloom* users are tapping their creativity every day. Within the Life Game, thousands have selected actions in the Creativity life area. In both the Life Game and Bloom*, personal inspirations are being created from images, music and quotes which are meaningful to their creators–many of which are shared to play it forward to family and friends.

Within Life Game

Creative Actions:  Adding a Creativity leaf to your Life Game tree is as easy as adding a Creativity action to your existing action list. When adding a new creative action, select Creativity from the drop-down menu (see image), and the breadth of actions Mindbloom and users have entered are available to choose from.

Creative Inspirations:  Mixing images, music and quotes that are meaningful to you and inspire, you is easy within the Life Game. There are thousands of images, songs and quotes to choose from shared by Mindbloom and users. Or you can make it truly personal by uploading your own images, music and quotes. To get you started, you can learn more here.

Within Mobile iPhone app: Bloom*

Creative Bloom*: Use images from your iPhone’s Camera Roll, Bloom Gallery, Life Game Gallery, or even the Community Gallery to create your own inspirational bloom slideshow. You can further enhance your images with effects and added text to make your images even more inspirational. To learn more detail on creating your own blooms click here.

Happy creating!

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