Juice App Packed With Fresh Goodness For Tracking Energy

Mindbloom’s popular energy tracking app, JUICE, is updated with new ingredients to assess your energy’s relationship to your productivity, finances, and organization habits.

New experts and tips are provided to boost energy improvement.

Since its launch, Juice has been garnering a huge following of people having fun in connecting the dots between their habits and their energy level. Through daily assessments and weekly reports, Juice users have been gaining insight into their ebbs and flows of energy and learning new ways to improve their vitality. With the expansion of new ingredients of productivity, finances, and organization, Juice now offers eleven different areas of energy-inducing habits to track and improve on.

Additionally, we’ve expanded our wealth of expertise contributing to Mindbloom’s life-improvement platform of mobile apps–including Juice. Joining our illustrious contributing partner network, who all believe in small changes leading to meaningful results, are:

If you have not downloaded Juice, give it a try today (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) and earn points toward adding new energy inspiring ingredients. If you are one of cherished regular, life-improvement enthusiastic users, please update your app from your phone today to take advantage of all this new Juice freshness!


Proof! app turns friendly competition into motivation

May 20, 2013
AGBeat |  Jennifer Walpole

Proof! app makes goals more competitive

Proof! is the newest app from Mindbloom. It invites users to challenge friends, family members and co-workers to reach weekly personal or group goals. This can be as simple as cleaning out your inbox, or as complex as bringing in a set number of new clients.

What’s the twist? This app is much different in that it requires users to post either a photo or a video as “proof” that the challenge has been completed. This gives users a sense of accountability; to not only accomplish a goal, but to prove that they have done it.

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My 3 Favorite iPhone Apps (JUICE)

May 15, 2013
Polish My Crown | Andi Teggart

Juice is an app that encourages healthy change. The app was created by Mindbloom and allows you to rate and track your sleep, exercise and eating habits each day. Each week you’ll receive a report that shares your activity patterns affecting your energy. My favorite feature of the app is the library of tips related to exercise, sleep, nutrition, mood, relationships, balance and stress from dozens of top healthy experts. One tip I loved was “build in fun activities into your schedule” and the app gave examples like: host a game night with friends, ask friends what funny things have happened to them recently, ride roller coasters, act like a kid!

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App of the Week: JUICE

May 13, 2013
S.F. Chronicle

Juice is a fun, easy-to-use energy and activity tracker that helps you connect the dots between your daily routine and your energy. Keeping track of your activities such as sleep, diet and exercise can help you identify and change the behaviors that zap your energy. Unlike other health applications that require so much time and effort to use, Juice is simple to use and can be completed in under a minute a day.

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Proof!: 1 of 8 Running Apps to Help You Train for Your Next Race

April 29, 2013
SHAPE.com | Locke Hughes

Best for: Runners who like a little friendly competition

Cool features: Hold yourself accountable for every mile with Proof, which lets users “compete” with Facebook friends or contacts in your smartphone to achieve fitness goals—or anything, really. Anyone can post a status that they just finished an 18-miler, but this app requires “proof” of completion—i.e. a photo or video. To keep things interesting, the app has a real-time leader board where users make bets, offer words of encouragement, or talk smack to fuel the competition.

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Get And Share Proof Of Your Life’s Greatest Accomplishments

March 27, 2013
148Apps | Andrew Stevens

Have you ever encouraged someone to do something but never found out if they actually did it or not? Proof! is a social-life app for friends and family to challenge one another by accomplishing life goals. People can select from a list of challenges already on the app or can simply create their own. Once someone has received a challenge, users must submit a photo or video to prove that they successfully completed their goal.

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Mindbloom Upgrades Relationship Life Areas to Inspire Everyone’s Inner Cupid Every Day

New experts, relationship tips, inspirational reminders and thoughtful suggested actions now available for iPhone apps JUICE and Bloom, as well as the Mindbloom Life Game to inspire healthy relationships

Seattle, WA, February 6, 2013 – With Valentine’s Day around the corner, Mindbloom wants to inspire relationships to be celebrated and improved on every day, whether it’s with a partner, parent, child, sibling or friend. To help accomplish this, Mindbloom (www.mindbloom.com) today announced the expansion of its life improvement content for relationships across all its interactive health apps to inspire people with relevant tips, actions and resources. Three new relationship experts have joined Mindbloom’s growing partner network of experts to help create the inspirational content:  John Gray, Ph.D., best-selling relationship author of all-time with 18 books—including The New York Times #1 Best-Selling Book of the last decade, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus; Arielle Ford, love expert, leader in personal growth and contemporary spirituality, and author of current relationship bestseller Wabi Sabi Love; and Dr. Barton Goldsmith, award winning psychotherapist, syndicated columnist of Emotional Fitness and radio host.

Mindbloom’s applications JUICE, Bloom and Life Game, combine the principles of behavioral science and gaming mechanics with the knowledge of notable experts and bestselling authors to make life improvement simple, fun and effective every day. Ford, Goldsmith and Gray bring tremendous relationship expertise to Mindbloom’s highly respected expert partner network, which already includes Shawn Achor (author of international best-seller The Happiness Advantage), Patricia Bannan (registered dietitian and author specializing in nutrition and health communications), Brett Blumenthal, (bestselling author of 52 Small Changes and, just released, A Whole New You), Lori Deschene (founder of Tiny Buddha and author of Tiny Buddha and the Tiny Wisdom eBook Series), Keri Gans (registered dietitian and author of The Small Change Diet), Brian Johnson (author of A Philosopher’s Notes and chief philosopher at en*theos) and M.J. Ryan (one of the creators of the New York Times bestselling Random Acts of Kindness series and the author of The Happiness Makeover).

“The upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday is a wonderful day to let people know you care about them, but strong relationships require small actions every day regardless of how busy we are to truly blossom,” said John Gray, Ph.D., who’s latest book, Venus on Fire, Mars on Ice: Hormonal Balance – The Key to Life, Love and Energy, combines his 30 years as a relationship therapist with extensive new health research to explain the connection between your hormones and relationships. “Mindbloom offers a great way for people to get inspired to take a quick break from hectic schedules to nurture their relationship little by little everyday. These simple actions matter, allowing us to keep our relationships top of mind everyday and not just one day a year.”

Relationships Matter: The Mindbloom Apps that Inspire Your Life and Now Your Inner Cupid
In JUICE, Mindbloom’s recently announced free energy tracking app, ‘Relationships’ has been added as a new life ingredient to help users discover daily relationship habits that could be impacting their personal energy. Similar to JUICE’s earned ingredients of life balance, mood and stress, the relationship ingredient becomes available as users earn credits for tracking daily behaviors in the areas of nutrition, sleep, and exercise. In Juice, playful interactions within the app make the experience of recording and discovering habits fun, including offering a lighthearted visual sliding scale to quickly and easily rate and reflect on that day’s behaviors. For example, the new relationship scale ranges from ‘awful’ (a dog and a cat in the throws of battle) to ‘great’ (a dog and cat in a full embrace demonstrating love and affection). Personal and relevant relationship tips will then be offered based on the users input to encourage users to improve choices and behaviors that are problematic and favorite tips can be saved or scheduled as reminders. Some expert actions included are: “Do an altruistic act” by Shawn Achor, “Pull in positive people” by Brett Blumenthal, and “Stay in the present with your relationships” by Lori Deschene. Throughout the month of February, users can get the new relationship ingredient immediately with the promo code: love4all. Check out the video to how see how JUICE works.

In Mindbloom’s popular app Bloom, which uses images and music to inspire people to live their life to its fullest potential, new Blooms authored by Mindbloom and its team of experts will be promoted in February in the Bloom Shop and are designed to spark positive change in interpersonal connections. Examples include “Let go of grudges” by M.J. Ryan and “Be open to romance” by Dr. Barton Goldsmith. Blooms are digital inspirational reminders that use rich media and captions to motivate people to do the important things in life one might never put on a to-do list. Blooms can be viewed privately or shared publicly on Facebook, Twitter or email to inspire or encourage friends and family. In addition to offering expert-created relationship Blooms, users are encouraged to create their own Blooms with their personal photos, music and favorite sayings. These Blooms can be used to stir positive action in relationships or across other life areas; such as, lifestyle, spirituality, career, creativity, finances, and health. Check out the video to see how Bloom works.

The Mindbloom Life Game, which makes it fun for people to define what’s important, discover what motivates them, and take meaningful daily actions in all areas of their life, is also getting a relationship upgrade. Suggested actions by Mindbloom experts have been added and will be featured for the month of February, such as “Rejoice in the success of a friend” by M.J. Ryan and “Stop trying to prove yourself to others” by Lori Deschene, founder of TinyBuddha.com. Using the metaphor of a Life Tree as a visual representation of a user’s priorities and progress in life, members are encouraged to grow the life they want by scheduling and completing simple actions that earn them sun, rain, seeds and awards. To date, users have followed through on millions of actions, including hundreds of thousands of personally created and expert suggested actions within the Life Game to improve their relationships. By integrating the new relationship content within the Life Game, members will be even more inspired to keep their Life Tree green and achieve their personal relationship goals. Check out the video to see how the Life Game works.

Mindbloom will actively promote the new relationship content in February across all its applications, as well as work with all its experts to offer seasonal and timely interactive health content to deeply engage users and motivate change across all areas of life throughout the year. Check out infographic titled “Top Ways We Relate” to see the top relationship actions and tips added by Mindbloom’s users to improve their relationships.

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Relationships in Action

Among Mindbloom life improvement areas, Relationships is second only to Health in terms of personal development commitments and completions. Some of the most popular relationship actions are those created and shared by our users within the Mindbloom community. These actions are highlighted in our latest infographic below, starring a cast of characters now found in the new relationships assessment ingredient of Juice–the world’s funnest energy tracker (iOS app).

Can Smartphone Apps Break Your Bad Habits?

January 28, 2013
Mashable | Jill Krasny

Juice was the clear winner of the experiment

At 8 a.m. my smartphone alarm goes off, nearly jolting me out of bed. It displays a short message: “Aim for 30 minutes of exercise today.” Craving another hour of sleep, I duck under the covers, but immediately that thought is replaced by another: “You know, this app actually has a point.” Five minutes later, I’m in my sneakers and out the door.

Juice is one of the apps I downloaded as part of my three-week long experiment to see if my smartphone could help me change my bad habits. I wanted to be fitter, more energetic and more social. I also wanted to eat better and stop spacing out on what I wanted to see at the movies. Read this article.