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Getting Started

Introduction blooms

Thank you for allowing us to help inspire you during your journey towards a better life.  Let’s get started!

First, when you first open bloom*, you will see our Welcome to Bloom* introduction.  Watching this will give you a brief idea of how bloom* works, and what the benefits to you might be.  To skip this part, tap the screen at any time during playback, and then tap the right arrow when it appears.  You can re-watch this as a bloom in your bloom list at any time.

Next you will see a list of blooms.  The three blooms you see here are the three default blooms that come pre-installed.  Follow the on-screen instructions and tap a bloom to watch it.

Once you tap a bloom, you will enter the bloom player mode.  You can tap I Bloom’d to indicate you’ve completed the bloom, tap snooze to get reminded again in 1 minute, 5 minutes, 1 hour, or 2 hours, or tap the four square icon to go the home screen.  You can tap the middle of the screen to hide the UI or tap again to bring the UI back.


Now that you know how to view and complete blooms, lets explore how to use bloom* on a daily basis through reminders.  By default, bloom* will remind you to drink water at 9am everyday and take a one minute vacation at 3pm everyday.  To change these times, enter edit mode for the bloom you wish to set or edit the reminder for.  This can be done by tapping the edit button in the upper right corner of the bloom list, then tapping the bloom you wish to edit.

Here, you can customize a bloom any way you like, from the images that show and music that plays to when bloom* will remind you.  To set a reminder time, tap the Remind Me tile in the bottom left corner.

Tap When? to select what days of the week you want a reminder.  You can select any combination of days Monday through Sunday, or pick specific days by switching to the Calendar Date tab and using the calendar.
 Tap done when you’ve selected the days that you want.  To select the time of day you wish to get a reminder, tap What Time?
Use the scroll wheel on the bottom of the screen to set a time.  If you wish, you can set the bloom to go off randomly once a day by switching on the Random feature.  Blooms set to random will not go off during quiet hours to ensure that it doesn’t interrupt you during sleep.  Quiet hours are set to 8pm – 8am by default, but can be changed by tapping Reminder Settings on the home screen.

Please be sure to adjust your timezone settings on your device for accuracy.  If it is set incorrectly, bloom* may trigger a reminder at an inconvenient time.  This is especially true when travelling in areas without reception or internet access.

If you wish to receive multiple reminders per day, tap Yes! when completing a bloom and subsequently asked if you would like to reminded again.  You can be reminded again 1, 2, 3, or 4 hours after completing a bloom.

While bloom* currently utilizes the same audio tone as your devices Text Tone, we are looking into ways to allow users to set their own sound or choose from a list of sounds.


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