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Watching blooms

Viewing and Completing blooms

Playback of a bloom consists of images, captions, and music.  We’ll go over how to edit and control playback in a later section.  To watch a bloom, either tap a bloom on your bloom list, or slide to view when a reminder is triggered.

Images and captions will display in the order in which they appear in the images section of edit mode, or randomly appear if the random feature has been switched on.  Whether random is turned on or not, bloom* will display all images at least once before repeating through the list.  Playback speed is currently static and cannot be changed; however, our development team is working on ways to support different playback speeds.

Music will also play through all the way before repeating.  If you only hear a small snippet of your chosen music, it is likely that we are only able to playback the iTunes approved sample due to DRM rules.

When you are finished viewing the bloom, and have completed whatever action the bloom is intended for, tap anywhere on the screen to bring up the interface.  Bringing up the interface will stop music playback, but image playback will continue.  In the bottom center of the screen, you will see a green button labelled “I Bloom*d.”

If you are signed in to your Mindbloom account, and the bloom is connected to an action, the button will say “I Did It!” and you will receive rain points for completing this bloom.  Connecting to your Mindbloom account will be covered in a different section.

Tap the green button to indicate that you are done.  You may choose to be reminded again at this time if you wish to complete the bloom again.

Once the reminder time for a bloom has passed, it will move from the Today’s Blooms section to the Other Blooms section.  This list will reset at midnight for the next day, so you get a clear view of what blooms you committed to doing today.

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