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Creating blooms


To create your own blooms, tap the Create a Bloom icon on the home screen or tap the + button in the bloom list.

First you will need a title for your bloom; use the sentence beginning “Inspire me to…” as a guide.  Next, tap the Life Area text, and choose a Life Area that this bloom is most related to.

Next you will need to add images.  At least one image is necessary for bloom creation.  To take a new picture with your device’s camera, tap the Take a Picture button.  Once you have taken a picture you like, tap the blue Use button.  From here, you will be able to enter captions, and edit the image using Aviary by tapping the paint roller.  Since bloom is locked in portrait view, if you have taken a photo in landscape, you can use Aviary to change the orientation.

Tap the green Save button to finish.  Repeat this, or tap Add Images to choose from your Camera Roll, Bloom Gallery (images from other blooms), Life Game Gallery (must have a Mindbloom Account), or Community Gallery (images that the Mindbloom community have chosen to make public).  Don’t worry, blooms you create will not be visible by others unless you specifically choose to share it.  To use the camera roll, bloom* will ask for access to your location.  This is necessary for bloom* to access the camera roll as images may be geo-tagged.  Your location is not recorded or shared with 3rd parties in any way.  If you’ve accidentally denied bloom* location access or recently upgraded your iOS version, you can grant it access by going into your device’s settings, tapping Location Services, and switching bloom* to On.

You can select multiple images and then tap Done.  You can add captions or edit the images from here by tapping any thumbnail.  To rearrange or delete images, touch and hold the thumbnail until it begins to shake.  Tap the X to delete, and hold and drag thumbnails to rearrange.  Tap the green Next button when you are finished adding images.


A song is not required for blooms, but it is highly recommended.  There are two methods to adding songs.  You can either add songs that are on your device or search iTunes for a 30 or 90 second sample.  Only one song may be chosen per bloom.

 You can sample what will be played by tapping the play button on the album cover of the song.  Tap Next to continue once you have a song you like.

You’re done!  You can now see what your bloom playback is like by tapping the Save and Preview Your Bloom* button.  Repeat this as many times as you like and create blooms to inspire you in all Life Areas.

Bloom* Shop

Having trouble finding inspiration?  No problem, Mindbloom’s expert content team has put together pre-made blooms to help you get started.  These are free of charge, and are being constantly updated; remember the check back every once in a while!

To get to the Bloom* Shop, go back to the home screen and tap the banner near the top labelled Bloom* Shop.  New or Featured bloom shop blooms will have a red circle with a number inside next to the Life Area the blooms are related to.  Tap a Life Area to drill down and view the blooms.  Then, select a bloom you are interested in to get a preview.  You can view the images and play the songs that come with the bloom.  When you’ve found one you like, tap the Download button in the upper right corner.

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