Bloom* Guide Page 5

Editing blooms


To edit your images, tap the edit button in the bloom list, then tap a bloom to edit.  Tap the Images That Inspire Me tile, then tap the edit button in the upper right corner.  You can delete or rearrange your images here.
To edit the caption, replace the image (this changes the image but retains the caption), or use Aviary to edit a specific image, tap an image thumbnail.  Tap the paint roller to add effects, stickers, change the orientation, crop, adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, add text, or draw on an image.

Deleting blooms

If you have completed the goal a bloom was created to inspire, you can delete blooms to help you maintain focus on what matters to you.  You can either swipe the right side of a bloom to delete, or tap edit, and use the red dot to display the delete button.
If you sync your iTunes account with iCloud, it will attempt to save your blooms in the cloud should you ever need to re-install bloom.

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