Feeling down? Mindbloom’s new app inspires happiness

December 22, 2013
GeekWire |  Taylor Soper

Mindbloom’s apps are all about improving your life and the company’s newest endeavor certainly fits in that category.momentum33The Seattle startup just officially debuted Momentum, an app that helps people record and remember the happier moments of each day.Like Mindbloom’s other apps, Momentum combines the principles of behavioral science and gaming mechanics with the knowledge of experts and authors to help people be more happy.

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Can Vampires Make You a Better Investor?

November 8, 2013
The Wall Street Journal |  Anne Tergesen

Other games use social engagement—including competition and peer pressure—to promote better financial habits.

Kerry Kearney, who is 41 and lives in Edmonds, Wash., recently challenged her son Cole to take his paper-route earnings to the bank every week using “Proof,” a free game at Mindbloom.com, a for-profit site. To win the ice cream his mother offers as a reward, 11-year-old Cole must send her “proof” of his compliance, in the form of pictures of his weekly deposit slips.

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Proof! app turns friendly competition into motivation

May 20, 2013
AGBeat |  Jennifer Walpole

Proof! app makes goals more competitive

Proof! is the newest app from Mindbloom. It invites users to challenge friends, family members and co-workers to reach weekly personal or group goals. This can be as simple as cleaning out your inbox, or as complex as bringing in a set number of new clients.

What’s the twist? This app is much different in that it requires users to post either a photo or a video as “proof” that the challenge has been completed. This gives users a sense of accountability; to not only accomplish a goal, but to prove that they have done it.

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My 3 Favorite iPhone Apps (JUICE)

May 15, 2013
Polish My Crown | Andi Teggart

Juice is an app that encourages healthy change. The app was created by Mindbloom and allows you to rate and track your sleep, exercise and eating habits each day. Each week you’ll receive a report that shares your activity patterns affecting your energy. My favorite feature of the app is the library of tips related to exercise, sleep, nutrition, mood, relationships, balance and stress from dozens of top healthy experts. One tip I loved was “build in fun activities into your schedule” and the app gave examples like: host a game night with friends, ask friends what funny things have happened to them recently, ride roller coasters, act like a kid!

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App of the Week: JUICE

May 13, 2013
S.F. Chronicle

Juice is a fun, easy-to-use energy and activity tracker that helps you connect the dots between your daily routine and your energy. Keeping track of your activities such as sleep, diet and exercise can help you identify and change the behaviors that zap your energy. Unlike other health applications that require so much time and effort to use, Juice is simple to use and can be completed in under a minute a day.

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Mindbloom releases Juice for Windows Phone to help maintain a healthy lifestyle

May 8, 2013
Windows Phone Central | Rich Edmonds

Mindbloom (www.mindbloom.com) has released its first Windows Phone app. Titled Juice, the app is an interactive energy tracker to help consumers maintain a healthy lifestyle. While it’s not for those who are serious about fitness (there are other solutions for such activities and training – look back at our Mobile Nations Fitness Month for more), Juice will certainly cater for those who are interested in how to improve general health. Read this article.

Proof!: 1 of 8 Running Apps to Help You Train for Your Next Race

April 29, 2013
SHAPE.com | Locke Hughes

Best for: Runners who like a little friendly competition

Cool features: Hold yourself accountable for every mile with Proof, which lets users “compete” with Facebook friends or contacts in your smartphone to achieve fitness goals—or anything, really. Anyone can post a status that they just finished an 18-miler, but this app requires “proof” of completion—i.e. a photo or video. To keep things interesting, the app has a real-time leader board where users make bets, offer words of encouragement, or talk smack to fuel the competition.

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Get And Share Proof Of Your Life’s Greatest Accomplishments

March 27, 2013
148Apps | Andrew Stevens

Have you ever encouraged someone to do something but never found out if they actually did it or not? Proof! is a social-life app for friends and family to challenge one another by accomplishing life goals. People can select from a list of challenges already on the app or can simply create their own. Once someone has received a challenge, users must submit a photo or video to prove that they successfully completed their goal.

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Games for Real Life

Winter 2013
Casual Connect | Chris Hewett

“Games keep players engaged by satisfying the human psychological needs for competence, relatedness, and autonomy – psychological needs that are not being met by the self-help industry”

Read Mindbloom founder Chris Hewett’s explanation of games with purpose, and how he sees games fulfilling human needs of inspiration, fun, and health here.