Life Game Beginner’s Guide


Welcome to the beginner’s guide to Mindbloom’s Life Game.

This guide is for those who are just starting to use the Life Game, have been using the Life Game for a while, or are considering using the Life Game for the first time.  In this guide, you will find the basic ideas and functions of the Life Game, as well as some advanced features, so that you can make full use of this app and be that much closer to growing the life you want.

If you want answers to specific questions, please check our Frequently Asked Questions section or e-mail your question to us directly.

If you are looking for the our mobile version, Mindbloomobile, guide, check it out here.

Table of Contents

Note: For new users, certain words throughout the guide may need a definition or explanation for clarity. Try to mouseover a term if you don’t understand it, or click it to go to the glossary.

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