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Getting Started

Setting Up Your Tree

Congratulations on taking the first step in your journey to improve your life!

First, let’s go to the Mindbloom homepage at
Click the green Get Started button.

At this point, many elements of the user interface are hidden.  As you continue to progress through registration and the tutorial, more features and icons will become available for use.  If something is missing, just follow the onscreen instructions.
Select at least one area of your life that you want to work on today, select as many or as few as you want, then click the Continue… button.

Click continue after reading the explanations until Enlightening Bug asks you for your name.  Enlightening Bug is a guide that will inform and help you through various tasks throughout the registration and the tutorial process.
After typing your first and last name, click continue.

Your email address is how you’ll sign in to your account, and the main way Mindbloom reminds you of your daily actions.  If you would rather not receive the Daily Digest or Mindbloom Times, un-check the Receive Updates box.

Type a password you will remember so that your account is safe and secure.  We recommend a password of at least 6 characters, using a combination of alphanumeric characters and special characters such as !, @, #, $, etc. Note: Some browsers may have trouble with this field, you may need to click twice to type. Once you see the cursor blinking in the field, you can type your password.

Select your gender by clicking on the appropriate icon.

Use the dropdown menus to select your birthday.  This is necessary to confirm you are at least 13 years old, the required age in our Terms of Service.
Click the underlined privacy or Terms of Service links if you wish to read them.  Check I Accept when you are ready, and click Continue…
You are now officially a part of the Mindbloom community!


Now that you have an account, let’s explore the application and all of its features.  Click Continue… when you are ready.

Click either Get Inspired or Take Action to learn about the Inspiration or Actions systems.  Don’t worry, we’ll learn about both before the tutorial is done.  Let’s pretend we want to learn about the Inspiration system first by clicking Get Inspired.
Click the sun icon that Enlightening Bug points to.  This leads to our Inspiration Player, which is a slideshow of inspirational images and quotes to motivate you throughout the day.
We’ve put together a small example of what the Inspiration Player can do to help you get started, which you are watching now. To manage what you see in the Inspiration Player, click the Inspiration icon that Enlightening Bug points to.

Here you will see the Inspiration Stream: images, quotes, and songs that other users have chosen to share with the community.  You can add any of these that you like to your own inspiration.
Click the Continue button to get a burst of Sunlight and energize your tree, upgrading the leaf size by one and putting a nice glow on your tree.

Next we’ll explore actions.  Click the Actions icon that Enlightening Bug points to.

Here you’ll see the Action Planner, a place to schedule and complete the actions you wish to do.  An example of how an action might look has been displayed here.

When prompted, click the orange dot to complete this scheduled action.

Click the Water My Tree button to continue.

Your tree gets some rain, and upgrades the leaf color by one while putting a nice sparkle on your tree.

Congratulations!  By making it this far, you’ve reached Level 2, unlocking some images and actions from the Mindbloom Gallery. To check out some of the cool stuff you just earned, click the Image Gallery or Action Packs button.  You can also view these later in the Market.
Click the Video Tour button if you’d like to watch a short video on how to use Mindbloom, narrated by Mindbloom’s own Founder and Executive Producer Chris Hewett. Otherwise, click Continue… to complete the Tutorial.

Congratulations, all features have been unlocked and you are ready to Grow the Life You Want!

Navigation Bar

Now that everything is unlocked, it can be a daunting task to figure out what to do next, or even how to do it!  Let’s explore the Navigation Bar, located at the bottom of your screen, to see how to get to different applications within the Life Game. We’ll explore each section in more detail later in the guide.

In general, clicking any icon in the Navigation Bar will open up the app, and clicking the icon again will close it.  Opening an app or navigating anywhere often changes the URL in the address bar.  If the URL does change, you can navigate by using the browser’s forward and back buttons.

Starting with the leftmost side of the bar, you’ll see the Mindbloom logo.  Click the underlined about link at any time to open a new tab to the Mindbloom Corporate Site.  Click the support link to open a new tab to the support page, where you can ask questions, report an issue, or make a suggestion.  Click the sign out link in order to log out of your current session.  If you do not sign out or clear your cookies, Mindbloom will remember you on your next visit.  If you do sign out, you will need to log in again at to access your account.
To the right of the logo, you’ll see a trophy, your name, and your seed count.  Your Trophy displays your current level, and you can mouseover the Trophy to see how close you are to the next level.  Clicking the Trophy will show you a display of all the Achievements you’ve earned. Click your name to go to your Profile, where you can view your action history and upload a profile picture. Click the Seed Count to open the Market and see what you can spend your seeds on.

In the middle, you’ll see three different view icons: Sun view, Tree view, and Forest view.  Click the Sun view to view your Inspiration Slideshow, Tree view to view your background location / theme, or Forest view to view your friend’s trees.  Whichever view you are in, all the other apps (Inspiration, Actions, Friends, Snailmail, Market, Settings, Sound, and Help) are still accessible.

On the right side, you’ll find all the apps which will open interfaces; on a daily basis, the majority of interaction occurs with these apps.  Click the Inspiration icon on the left to add, share, or manage your images, quotes, and songs.

Click the Actions icon to Add, schedule, complete, share, or journal on actions.

Click the Friends icon to invite your friends, accept invites, manage existing friends, view your friend’s profiles, or view your own profile.  You can also add and manage groups here, which help you send Snailmails more efficiently, and view specific friends in Forest View.

Click the Snailmail icon to send Snailmail to friends or read your own messages.

Click the Market icon to purchase the premium Growpro version of the Life Game, gift sun or rain to a friend, purchase actions packs, or purchase backgrounds / themes.
Click the Settings icon to access your User, Social, Tree, and Options settings.

In the User tab, you can change your profile pic, how your name is displayed, change your gender, birthday, postal code, time zone, email address, or password. Be sure to set the time zone correctly, as many of our systems, including scheduling actions and sending emails correctly, is dependent on your time zone.

In the Social tab, you can connect your account to Facebook, and add Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype or Youtube to your profile.  Once you connect your account to Facebook, you may log in to Mindbloom using the Facebook login button.

In the Tree tab, you can add leaves, sub-category leaves, or rename leaves.

In the Options tab, you can manage which emails you want to receive, manage leaf size, manage leaf color, manage inspiration / music, start your tree over, or terminate your account.

Click the Sound icon to bring up the Music and Sound options.  Turning music off will prevent any background music from playing in any view.  Turning Sound off will prevent any background sound, such as birds chirping or cows mooing, from being audible.  Click the Sound icon again to dismiss the options interface.

Click the Help icon to watch a short video on how to use the product, view the Frequently Asked Questions section, or contact our support team.
Now that you know how to navigate, let’s start adding actions to your Tree.

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