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Setting Up Your Actions

Actions are a core feature of the Life Game and is essential to facilitate behavior change.  To get started, click the Plus icon at the top of the Actions app.

Click the Find Actions tab if you want to see actions created by Mindbloom and the Mindbloom community, or click the Create Your Own tab to make a brand new action.

To find actions, you can either search for keywords or filter by life area and source.

Search will return actions that contain your typed search terms in the Action Statement or Action Details.
You can filter to any of the seven Life Areas, or any of their sub-categories. You can also filter by source: By Mindbloom, By Everyone, or By Friends.  By Mindbloom will return only actions created by Mindbloom.  By Everyone will return actions created by Mindbloom and the community which have been made public.  By Friends will return only actions created by friends and have a privacy setting of visible to friends or public.

Once you have found an action that seems interesting, click on it to open Action Detail or Detail View.

Here, you will find more information on the action, including a description, link to the author, resources, and any discussion / comments on the action.

Once you have decided to do an action, click on the green Do This button.

If you want to create your own action, click on the Create Your Own tab.

Fill out the Action Statement field using the “I will…” prompt as inspiration.

Select a Life Area; this will determine where the action goes on your tree. If you select a life area that does not currently exist on your tree, the life area and leaf will be created on your tree automatically.

Select a privacy level; this will determine who can see this action.  Only Me is the most private setting, only you will be able to see this action.  Friends will let anyone in your Mindbloom Forest see the action.  Everyone makes the action public, so that everyone, including non-Mindbloom users, can find your action.

Click the green Save & Continue button to complete creation of your action.

To manage your actions, click on either the Manage button, or the Edit button in Detail View.

From here, you can change the Action Title or Action Description.

You can also Stop or Delete an Action by clicking on the red button.

Or you can change the privacy level by clicking on the lock icon.

Repeat this process as necessary until you’ve added as many actions as you want to your tree.  We recommend you only add as many actions as you’re willing to do right now that reflect your current goals.

Scheduling Your Actions

Now that you’ve added a few actions, let’s schedule them ahead of time to make sure we do them.  Note that actions can only be scheduled for today or in the future, not in the past.

The first method to schedule your actions is to open your actions app and clicking on the green dots, navigating the days by using the popup calendar. Click the day on the calendar you wish to do an action, and then click the green dots next to the actions you are committing to do.

The second way to schedule actions is in the detail view calendar tab.  Open the actions app and click on the action you would like to schedule.  Then, click the calendar tab to view the current and next month. From here, you can click on any individual day that is unmarked to schedule it.  Today is marked in orange.

Once you see a green or orange dot with a white outline, you’re done!  Just wait until that day comes, and you will see it in your list of scheduled actions for that day.

If you wish to set the action to recurring, click on any of the arrows below the days of the week.

Completing Your Actions

If you see an orange dot with a white outline, it’s due today!  Let’s mark the action as complete so you get credit for it.  You can only complete actions for today or in the past.

To complete an action, first open the Actions app. Then, click the orange dot to complete the action. You will see a pencil icon appear indicating that you may now journal on this action.

If the action is in a grace period, you may click the orange dot with a question mark to complete the action as well.

If the dot is green, but for a past date, you can click that to complete the action.

These instructions should work in the calendar in Detail view as well.

Each time you complete an action you will receive 5 rain energy. If you scheduled the action 24 hours in advance, you will receive 10 rain energy as a bonus for living intentionally!

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