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Inviting Friends

To invite friends, click the Friends Icon in the Navigation Bar.

Here, you will see a list of all your friends, pending friends, and requested invites; this includes yourself so you can see what your profile might look like to others. Click the plus icon to begin.
You can search for friends, or invite by email, Facebook, or email contacts.

To search for a friend, click the search field and enter your friends first name, last name, or email address. Note that friends may not show if they’ve chosen to use an alias, only the first letter of their name, or have not completed the tutorial. Click Search to continue.

A list of results most closely matching your search terms will show. Click the result you want, and in detail view, click Add Friend. If you’re unsure this is the correct person, or wish to contact them before sending an invite, click Send SnailMail. Your email address is not public in any way through this system.
After clicking Add Friend, write a custom message to them, or use the default message. Once you are happy with the message, click Send Invite.

The number of invites sent will be confirmed and the invite will now show in the Pending Invites section.

To invite via email, click the email section.

Enter as many email addresses as you would like, you can enter multiple addresses by clicking the Add Another E-Mail address button.

Write a custom message to them, or use the default message. Once you are happy with the message, click Send Invite.

To invite by Facebook, click the Facebook section and log in with your Facebook credentials.

Give Mindbloom permission to get your basic info and post on your behalf. Then select the friends you wish to invite. Select as many friends as you like.

Your friends will see this invite on their Facebook page as a notification.

You can resend or cancel an invite at any time.

Once a friend has accepted, you can see them at anytime in Forest View!

Interacting With Friends

Now that you’ve got some friends, let’s explore what we can do to encourage each other towards life improvement. First, let’s go to Forest View.

From here, you can click any friend’s tree to bring up a menu.  This will allow you to view your friend’s profile or gift them with sun or rain to give them a little extra encouragement when they need it. Any common life areas that you and your friend have added to your trees will be listed here as well.

In the profile, you will see your friend’s profile pic, any associated accounts they’ve chosen to share, their tree, and 4 tabs.  These tab are Actions, Achievements, Inspiration, and Friends.
The Actions tab shows all your friends actions (don’t worry, these adhere to the privacy level to which the user has set; if you have set an action to For Me, it won’t show up for friends or anyone else anywhere).  Whenever a friend adds, completes, or journals on an action, it will be recorded here.  You can comment on any record by clicking the blue comment bubble.

The Achievements tab shows all the Achievements your friend has earned and their associated badges.  Congratulate them on their success, and keep playing the Life Game to earn those achievements yourself!

The Inspiration tab shows the inspiration your friend has added, and has an option to view their version of the slideshow (don’t worry, both of these adhere to the privacy level to which the user has set; if you set an image, quote, or action to For Me, it won’t show up for fiends or anyone else anywhere).

The Friends tab shows all the friends your friend is friends with.  Take a look and you could find someone you know is already using Mindbloom!

You can gift sun or rain to a friend to give their leaves a size boost or color boost respectively.  This costs 200 seeds, and you may only do this once per day per friend.  You can either gift a friend in forest view, or in the Market.

To gift from Forest View, click a friend’s tree.  From the menu, choose either sun or rain to gift.  You can include a message of encouragement here as well.

To gift from the Market, click the Market icon. In the Game Goodies tab under the Power-Ups section, chose either sun or rain to gift. In the detail view, click Buy Now.

Choose the friend you would like to send to and click the green Give Sunlight or Water Tree button.  You will be directed to forest view from here.  If your friend is in the currently viewed group, the interface will appear over their tree.  Otherwise, it will appear over your own tree.

You can also send friends or groups of friends snailmail messages.  To start, click the Snailmail icon.

From the Send Mail tab, select a friend from the To: drop down menu.  Then type your message in the message field and click Send.

Any messages you receive will be marked orange. Click them to read the whole message and mark the message as read.

You can see the number of messages you have by the numerical indicator in the Navigation Bar.

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