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Privacy / Public View

When an action or inspiration item is shared, we don’t want to force people to sign up for an account to be able to enjoy the content. However, it is important to Mindbloom that we only show what users allow to be public. Let’s explore privacy settings throughout the Life Game.

Both Inspiration and Actions have a Manage mode that will help you manage your privacy settings for individual items.  In your list of items, you will see several icons to indicate it’s current privacy level.  A lock icon indicates the item is set to Only Me, the most private privacy level.  A lock with friends icon indicates the item is set to Friends, so that no users who are not in your Forest of Friends can see this item.  A lock with a world icon indicates the item is set to Everyone, where the item is visible to all Mindbloom users and searchable.

Click the manage button to enter manage mode.

Click the icon to the right of the trash can to open the privacy level menu.  Click the down arrow and select the privacy level you wish to set.  Once the spinner has stopped and the icon has changed, your selection has been saved. Click the Done button to exit manage mode.

Alternatively, for inspiration, if you are in detail view for an item you own, click the Edit button to change the Life Area or Privacy for that item.

Click the drop down menus to set Life Area and Privacy to the desired setting, and click Save when you’re done.

If you share an item set to public via email, facebook, or twitter.  The Life Game will generate a public view for your item.  Generally, this will include the item which you shared with details including who the author is, what life area it is in, and any discussion surrounding that item.  If they are already a Mindbloom member, they can view the shared item inside the Life Game.

Email Settings

Email settings can be managed two ways, through the Options tab of settings or through the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any Mindbloom email.

Click the Settings icon to begin.

Then click the Options tab.

The first five options you see here control what emails you wish to receive. If you have set these correctly, but still do not see your emails, please check your spam folder before contacting support.

The daily email reminders, also known as the daily digest, contains a quote, the actions you’ve committed to today, any new snailmail messages, and any pending friend requests. This email is usually sent daily at around midnight, so that when you wake up in the morning you can see all the actions you wanted to do and a quote to inspire you.

Mindbloom Times is a newsletter type email that is sent no more than once a week to let users know what is happening in the community, any new features we’ve included, and any news about the Mindbloom company.

When a user comments on an item you own or one you’ve commented on yourself, you receive an email message notifying you that they have commented, similar to Facebook.

Email notifications for new updates from Mindbloom controls whether or not you wish to receive update emails, including user feedback surveys, feature updates, etc., from Mindbloom.

Emails are sent to users who receive Snailmail as a notification, similar to Facebook or other social networks.

The unsubscribe page has similar options, including an option to not receive any emails from Mindbloom. Please refrain from marking our emails as spam, as this automatically adds you to a list of users who will never receive email from Mindbloom again and impacts our reputation with email vendors negatively. If you accidentally mark a Mindbloom email as spam, you will need to contact support to remove your name from the list if you wish to receive Mindbloom emails again.

Logging In

The main method of logging into your account is through email and password on the main page. If you do not sign out, the system will remember you and all you have to do is go back to However, many wish to sign out for security purposes. If you are having issues with logging in, or Mindbloom remembering you, please make sure your cookies are set to not clear on browser close and you are not using inprivate/incognito modes.

If you forget your password, please use the forgot password link located below the sign in forms at Remember to check your spam filter for the email if you do not see it with a minute or two of requesting the email.

If you choose to log in through Facebook, make sure your Mindbloom account is associated with your Facebook account first. Log in through email and password, then click the settings icon.

Then click the Social tab.

Click the arrow for Connect to Facebook, and sign in to your Facebook account. This will allow you to click the sign in by Facebook icon on the main screen to log in. If you click a button in the Social tab, and nothing happens, make sure that popup blockers are disabled.

Reset Your Tree

Many users have changing goals, and sometimes it is easier to start fresh rather than change everything individually. To reset your tree, click the Settings icon.

Then click the Options tab.

Scroll down to the Reset tree button. You will not have to register again, but all other data is wiped clean including life areas, actions, journals, inspiration, seeds, levels, and achievements.

Cancelling Your Account

We understand that people may be at different points in their lives and that the Life Game isn’t what they need at this time. To cancel your account, log in at and click the Settings icon. Note: you cannot access settings without completing the tutorial first. Follow on screen instructions until settings appears. This should only take a minute or two of your time.
Click the Options tab and scroll down to the bottom. Click the Terminate Account button and enter your password to cancel your account. Once cancelled you will not receive Mindbloom emails at the associated email address. To reactivate your account, please contact support.

If you decide to cancel your account, please consider filling out a quick survey below to let us know how to improve. Even if this program is not for you, you will be helping others who may find the Life Game useful.

Help us improve!


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