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Mobile Access

Mindbloom seeks to help people with life improvement, and sometimes the best way to do this is through apps and programs, some that are not our own. Here you can find some basic information on apps and programs that are integrated with the Life Game.


Many users cannot access Mindbloom at work due to browser restrictions or being on the go constantly. To get to Mindbloombile, open the browser on your smartphone and go to You can create a new account, or sign into an existing account here. Mindbloomobile is a more simplified experience to help you get in and get out as smoothly as possible; current features include:

  • Inspiration: Add from the inspiration stream and view your inspiration in a mobile sun view player.
  • Actions:  Add or create your own, and schedule and complete actions.
  • Snailmail: Send and read snailmail from your friends.
  • Friends: Invite friends via email, facebook, or email contacts.
  • Tree view: Get a visual display of your tree to see how you’re doing, and an inspirational quote of the day.


bloom* is Mindbloom’s on the go inspirational reminder app, found in the iOS app store. Reminders to make healthy choices, stay connected with others, manage stress, strengthen your spirit, save money, advance your career, and enhance your creativity. Though bloom* is a completely stand alone app, you can check off actions on your Life Game account by using bloom* while signed into your Life Game account. Click here to learn more.

More to come!

Mindbloom is constantly searching for the best in class when it comes to life improvement, and we have several great projects in the works. If you or anyone you know can think of an app or program that would integrate well with Mindbloom, please contact us here.

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