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What is a Mindbloom Account?

A Mindbloom Account is a universal user account that allows you to sign into all the products created by Mindbloom. Creating a Mindbloom Account allows you to keep your user data safe and backed up.

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What are “ingredients” in Juice?

Ingredients are fun, simple daily assessments that you can add or remove from your Juice cocktail to help uncover the habits that give you energy and the habits that sap your energy.

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How do I know what the rating means for each ingredient?

Juice offers a basic rating guideline for each ingredient. To see these guidelines, go into an ingredient and tap on the information icon at the top.

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How do I unlock new ingredients?

Each new ingredient costs 100 credits to unlock. Each week in your Weekly Report, you will find a coupon good for 50 credits. You can save up these credits and use them to unlock new ingredients.

You can also earn credits by using gift codes or by signing up to receive relevant health and wellness information from our partners and collaborators.

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How do I delete an ingredient that I don’t want to track?

While you can’t delete an ingredient, you can simply disable it to stop tracking it. To do so, rotate the Juice bottle until you reach the “Ingredients” screen. Tap on the “edit” button and turn off the ingredient you wish to disable.

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Where can I find the Expert tips?

Juice has 100’s of Energy Tips from well-known expert partners. To access this library of tips, rotate the Juice bottle until you reach the “Nutrition Facts” screen. Tap on “Energy Tips” and select the category you want to would like to explore.

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How do I set a tip as a reminder?

All tips in Juice can be setup as reminders. If you see a tip you like and you want to set it as a reminder, simply tap on the “Remind Me” icon that looks like a clock, select the time you want Juice to remind you, then tap the “Save” button.

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How can I go back and change my input for a previous day?

To add or change your input for an assessment for a particular day, simply tap on the date select up at the top, selected the appropriate date, then tap the “Done” button.

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How come I’m not getting a Tip of the Day each day?

You must complete all your assessments for the day to receive a Tip of the Day.

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How do I change / turn off reminders?

To turn off reminders, rotate the Juice bottle until you reach the “Nutrition Facts” screen. Tap on “Reminders” and select the reminder you would like to change or turn off.

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How do I turn off sounds?

To turn off sounds, rotate the Juice bottle until you reach the “Nutrition Facts” screen. Tap on “Settings” and switch “Sound FX” to off.

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When is the Android / Windows Phone 8 version coming?

Juice will be available for Android and Windows phones in the near future.
Stay tuned!

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Still Have Questions?

Not to worry, our customer service team is happy to help you in any way we can. Head over to our Support page and let us know what we can do to help you Juice.

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P.S. Make sure to click the dropdown menu and select Juice.

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