"The mint makes it first, it is up to you to make it last." - Evan Esar
Image posted 5 years ago by Justine M. (for everyone)
  • 3 years ago, Mandy T. said,
    The habit of saving is itself an education; it fosters every virtue, teaches self-denial, cultivates the sense of order, trains to forethought, and so broadens the mind. –T.T. Munger
  • 5 years ago, Maureen M. said,
    Consistency is the special sauce of Mastery
  • 5 years ago, Jim H. said,
    this is so true! I'm doing that now. How about you?
  • 5 years ago, Sumeet S. said,
    ya ..to exercise and exercise with a plan with rewards like ahh 50 pushups..1 mcdonald burger, get to 20 pullups and grab a pizza, backworkout 4 weeks and a trip to Switzerland;;he he last one is just a joke. But we can make exercising hell lot interesting if attach it with somethin v find attractiv.
  • 5 years ago, Maggie S. said,
    Rebecca you are onto something big, could be applied to so many things. Thanks for expanded the thought.
  • 5 years ago, Rebecca A. said,
    You could apply this to getting into better shape.
  • 5 years ago, Bee F. said,
    Sumeet, you are so honest with yourself. I think that will help you alot in life. I have to learn to have this attitude, too, as I'm on a job search also. Good luck to you!
  • 5 years ago, Sumeet S. said,
    so true...i failed in today's interview because i've never concentrated hard on some topics..i got to

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