Take in the beauty of every moment. Let the wind blow your hair and the sun warm your skin.
Image posted 8 years ago by Amanda L. (for everyone)
  • 2 years ago, tessy F. said,
    our decisions has to be acceptable to others , it may not be to all
  • 4 years ago, Valerie P. said,
    It's hard to make it consistant, but the thing is, when you do it, life is just so enjoyable!!
  • 4 years ago, Adele B. said,
  • 4 years ago, Thema B. said,
    Clipped this article out of a magazine 30 some years ago. It's posted on my refrigerator as a lesson and reminder about life.
  • 4 years ago, Lisa B. said,
    This is so very true!
  • 4 years ago, Patrick H. said,
    So true! Who needs drama! I enjoy people for who they are, for their intellect, their smile, their willingness to listen. I go to the movies if I want "drama"!
  • 4 years ago, Rachel G. said,
    Amen! Free yourself and you'll be amazed at how life begins to make a turn toward the positive!
  • 5 years ago, PC H. said,
    "All that we are is the result of what we have thought. If a man speaks or acts with an evil thought, pain follows him. If a man speaks or acts with pure thought, happiness follows him, like a shadow that never leaves him." by Buddha
  • 5 years ago, Johnathan R. said,
    Very true. We should indeed be happy with what we have! How does one defend oneself against the Devil's most effective weapon in Satan's constant fight to end our very existence - doubt? Do you remember the story of how the serpent tricked Eve into eating the apple by making her doubt God's command not to eat the apple? Never for even a fraction of a second doubt your constant need to be a friend to God, and God will in return never doubt His need to be a friend back to you and help you in life. There is no better friend to have than God. How does one be a friend to a symbol of good that one can not touch, see, smell or talk to? All we know about God that is thoroughly documented in the book of Genesis is that He made everything in six days and He then rested on the seventh day. One way for us to be God's friend and to honor and respect God is to copy what God did by working hard for six days by helping God create a better world and then resting ourselves on the final seventh day for a period of not less than 24 hours. Resting means the absence of work. We all need a day off from the weekly grind. To satisfy the minimum spiritual/religious/legal definition of rest consider the following: Rest means to completely cease from all monetary transactions (Stop buying groceries and things!), to stop gossiping about those around you (Be quiet for heavens sake!), to stop traveling to places outside the city in which you live (Put a damper on your travel!), and to stay away from public events such as live concerts (Rest your ears as well!). When you rest for twenty four hours or more following six days of hard work trying to make the world a better place to live, then God will support you and everything you do in life as He feels that you are on his side and are truly trying to be His friend. God will then without doubt help you find purpose and success in life. Many people think observing a day of rest per week is optional. It is not. In fact, refusing to rest one day each week is not only a violation of one of the 10 commandments, but it is a blatant denial of the existence of God as well as an open invitation to Satan which has its own extremely serious unforeseen consequences!
  • 5 years ago, anony S. said,
    if only I could disregard praise and criticism I could loe and accept myself and be happy
  • 5 years ago, Beppe S. said,
  • 5 years ago, Julie R. said,
  • 5 years ago, Pam L. said,
    What you see is what you get...so many unknowns at first glance...your authentic traits reveal themselves with quiet; yet strong vibes. "Hey world, here I am!!"
  • 5 years ago, Bee F. said,
    I like that affirmation a lot.
  • 6 years ago, Johanna L. said,
    This is often overlooked. Much of the time we shut down to avoid overload. This can be overcome by setting goals or intentions. To start with, only a tiny goals, enough to light a beacon through blankness.
  • 6 years ago, Harsh R. said,
    more grateful I am, the more steps I can see in my life
  • 6 years ago, Erle D. said,
    I find that the gratitude journal suggestion keeps me grateful...
  • 6 years ago, Emmy C. said,
    Ive been keeping a gratitude journal and every day I find new reasons to be grateful.
  • 6 years ago, Amy L H. said,
    "Praise is the birth position to give birth to your dreams." Joel Osteen
  • 6 years ago, Carolyn B. said,
    And the more I love, the more I am loved.
  • 6 years ago, Chers E. said,
    Just an affirmation from a list that I keep :-)
  • 6 years ago, Ama B. G. said,
    Is that a quote from someone else, or is it from you? :) I like it!

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