Everything we do affects the world. Before you do...stop, and think.
Image posted 7 years ago by Alexander M. (for everyone)
  • 4 years ago, Gareth F. said,
    "The basics of life are the most beautiful"
  • 5 years ago, Vickie L. said,
    Go for a walk it will bring you joy!
  • 5 years ago, Brenda G. said,
    Water...without it there is no life
  • 5 years ago, reggie C. said,
    Reminds my of home
  • 5 years ago, Annie C. said,
    it gets carried from one person to the next.
  • 5 years ago, Jan M. said,
    Beauty, truth, goodness.
  • 5 years ago, Pam L. said,
    Just like a quiet smile or a caring hug...ripples are healing
  • 5 years ago, Beel F. said,
    Remember; think before you drink. Was there a cattle farm upstream?
  • 5 years ago, Marvina H. said,
    If you don't control yourself, someone else will
  • 5 years ago, David L. said,
    love the picture, it goes great with the quote to :)
  • 6 years ago, elaine K. said,
    nice thought to wake up with. my day is full great moments.love it.
  • 6 years ago, Kushal A. said,
    deep thought
  • 6 years ago, Carolyn B. said,
    Love one another
  • 6 years ago, Carolyn B. said,
    Life is short
  • 6 years ago, Coco T. said,
    Beautiful natural !

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