Es mi guía, pero no soy perfecto.
Image posted 5 years ago by Gian I. (for everyone)
  • 1 weeks ago, mary M. said,
    enough said after seeing this.....beautiful
  • 2 years ago, Adele B. said,
    Thank you Lord for Your grace.
  • 2 years ago, Natasha I. said,
    This is such a rebuke to my desire to hold a grudge and justify the wrongdoing of others, but it only hurts me. I know that Jesus would only want what's best for me and would not ask me to do the impossible. Dear Lord, please help me when I don't forgive.
  • 2 years ago, Phil S. said,
    It is hard to effect someone in a positive way if you close yourself off from them. Forgiveness opens your heart and the hearts of others.
  • 2 years ago, Bobbie D. said,
    Rio Diginaro
  • 3 years ago, Nina F. said,
  • 3 years ago, Stillrecov D. said,
    Qué maravillosa guía. Puede el darle paz y bendiciones.

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