Today I will love myself unconditionally.
Image posted 8 years ago by Annie C. (for everyone)
  • 4 years ago, Melody L. said,
    Diane Broderick , your words are the most inspiring! I will do my best to let go everything associated with a terribly problematic relationship of mine with one terribly complicated man, and this all will open up a great new world for me! Thank you, All, for being together here, in Bloom app.
  • 4 years ago, Janet S. said,
    Great reminder!!
  • 5 years ago, Vickie E. said,
    this is harder to do than most realize. Turn over to God what you cannot handle alone and you will never be alone.
  • 5 years ago, Larry C. said,
    or better yet...turn it over to God, and give him complete control.
  • 5 years ago, Timbo D. said,
    Let go of what?
  • 5 years ago, Diane B. said,
    I was just told to learn to let go! It is hard when you have been holding on so tightly for so long,but once you do a whole new world opens up and you have something better to hang onto!
  • 5 years ago, V J. said,
    I agree; but its a challenge!
  • 5 years ago, Daniel P. said,
    If something your hanging onto brings you down and you can't get a handle on it....Give it to GOD and let Him take care of it and make your life better.
  • 5 years ago, Mike B. said,
    more people need to try this.
  • 5 years ago, Trevor L. said,
    It's a wonderful day/life...
  • 5 years ago, MAIDA G. said,
    Yes today is the
  • 5 years ago, Angie A. said,
    This is my discussion for the day to my clients. We have to start here.
  • 5 years ago, vickie L. said,
    Today I will love myself like it's my last day of life!!!

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