“If I make one person laugh today, I have made life better for us both.”

Quote posted 5 years ago by Pam B. (for everyone)
  • 5 years ago, Barbara H. said,
    My heart smiled at the thought of this. :o)
  • 5 years ago, Ian A. said,
    This is a good goal
  • 5 years ago, shuchita R. said,
  • 5 years ago, Toby T. said,
  • 5 years ago, lynette E. said,
    so true!
  • 5 years ago, Alicia F. said,
    Oh so true! Especially in a classroom...watch the ripples of laughter and the faces of students enjoying a common interest. "Laughter unifies regardless of differences." af
  • 5 years ago, Tamika M. said,
    so true. keep up the laugther
  • 5 years ago, R H B. said,
    friends ease into laughter
  • 5 years ago, Patrick H. said,
    Thank you Julie and Bethany for reposting! Very true! I think I missed my calling because i love adding a smile or laughter to anyone's day!
  • 5 years ago, Jackie S. said,
    This is so true. Something that leaves a wonderful after glow for both that can make the rest of the day easier.

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