“Our first serious misperception occurs when we gaze into the mirror and see ourselves as singular, individual entities. In reality, each of us is a community of 50 trillion cells. While this number is easy to say, it is almost unfathomable. The total number of cells in a human body is greater than the total number of humans on 7,000 Earths! Nearly every cell in your body has all of the functions present in the entire human body, which means that every cell has its own nervous, digestive, respiratory, musculoskeletal, reproductive, and even immune systems. Because these cells represent the equivalent of a miniature human, conversely, every human is the equivalent of a colossal cell! As we will come to see, our mind represents a government that coordinates and integrates the functions of the body’s massive cellular civilization. In the same manner that decisions by a human government regulate its citizens, our mind shapes the character of our cellular community.”

—Bruce Lipton

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