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Our mission

We exist to help you expand your human potential. Artfully crafted and backed by science, our guided experiences are for those seeking to become more, so they can do more, for the world.

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." —Gandhi

Our story

Mental healthcare is the #1 public health crisis in America. You likely aren't surprised since most people have a connection to the problem. You probably do, and so does our founder, Dylan.

He grew up with serious mental illness in his family, and he lost his mom to it as a teenager. It hurt and harmed more than he knew at the time. In 2009, his journey of healing and growth led to psychedelic medicine, and it changed his life. In 2018, it led to ketamine therapy, and it's still changing his life.

Dylan thought it could help more people, too, so he teamed up with Dr. Casey Paleos, a pioneering psychiatrist and psychedelic researcher, to help others access these transformational medicines safely and effectively.

About us

We're clinicians, technologists, patients, and researchers partnering to increase access to science-backed mental health and wellbeing treatments, starting with guided ketamine therapy for depression and anxiety.

Mindbloom’s platform helps licensed psychiatric clinicians achieve better outcomes for their patients with lower costs, greater convenience, and an artfully crafted experience.

The time is now

There has been tremendous scientific progress in psychedelic medicine. In the medical community, these treatments have increasingly demonstrated that they provide life-changing breakthroughs in behavioral health.

MDMA-assisted therapy is in Phase III clinical trials and psilocybin-assisted therapy is in Phase II clinical trials. We’re close on those fronts, but ketamine therapy is legal and producing astounding outcomes for people today.

We no longer need to lose the fight in mental healthcare! Let's move away from stigma and silence, and focus instead on getting people the help and treatment they need.

We know these medicines can transform lives, and we're here to be your guide.

Career Opportunities

Mindbloom was named one of BuiltIn's 50 best remote-first places to work

We’re a mental health and wellbeing company on a mission to help people expand their human potential. At Mindbloom®, clinicians, technologists, and researchers are partnering to increase access to science-backed psychedelic medicine treatments, starting by reducing the cost of ketamine therapy by over 65%.

Our investors are some of the largest in healthcare technology and psychedelic medicine, having backed Oscar, Hims, and ZocDoc.

If you’re fired up about the future of mental healthcare and psyched by the idea of working in an environment where fellow guides create transformational client outcomes, practice intellectual honesty, make exceptional decisions, and cultivate wholeness, then we’d love to hear from you.

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