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We're clinicians, technologists, patients, and researchers partnering to increase access to science-backed mental health treatments, starting with guided ketamine therapy for depression and anxiety.

Our mission

Nothing is more central to leading a happy, fulfilling life than mental health.

At Mindbloom, we are advancing the next generation of mental health care. New medicines have arrived that not only treat the symptoms of mental pain, but help us address their root causes. Medicines shown by science to be not only safe, but effective.

It’s a new day for mental health and the future looks bright.

Our story

Mental health is the #1 public health crisis in America. It has touched millions of Americans, including our founder, Dylan Beynon.

Dylan grew up with serious mental illness in his family. He lost his mother to mental illness, and the loss deeply affected his relationship to the world and the people he loved.

In 2009, Dylan discovered the healing power of psychedelic medicines, and for the first time was able to address the trauma and resentment he had harbored.

In 2018, this journey led to ketamine therapy, a treatment that is still changing his life for the better. Dylan teamed up with leading psychiatrists and researchers and founded Mindbloom to help increase access to these transformational and safe new medicines.

The Mindbloom Team

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Supported by Research

In the largest ketamine therapy study to date, 89% of clients reported improvement in their anxiety and depression symptoms after 4 sessions.

Experienced and Professional Team

Our program is prescribed by medically-licensed Clinicians to ensure you undergo treatment safely. Our team has safely completed over 125,000 sessions of ketamine therapy and are always available to offer support or answer questions.