Beating Burnout

with Dr. Shauna shapiro

Living on the edge of burnout can make it challenging to simply exist in the world today. Let’s change that.


My hope is that with the help of Mindbloom, you’ll be able to find immediate relief from living in survival mode.”

Learn from the expert

Beating Burnout is a unique offering from renowned expert Dr. Shauna Shapiro that combines psychology, mindfulness, and ketamine therapy to address burnout comprehensively.

Leverage neuroplasticity

Unlock the potential of ketamine therapy to help you recover from burnout. Ketamine therapy can provide faster relief, and provide the “boost” you need to shift from surviving to thriving.

Build practical skills

Whether professional, caregiver, or even academic burnout, you’ll gain insights and practical strategies, such as reducing emotional reactivity, setting boundaries, and fostering self-compassion.

Your personalized path to healing

With more than 10 focus areas to choose from, you can align your coaching and integration to get the most out of your treatment—and see yourself, and the world around you, begin to bloom.

Focus areas to help you find relief from mental health challenges

Profound relief

Beating Burnout

Break the cycle of burnout and rediscover joy with psychologist and professor, Dr. Shauna Shapiro.


Getting Unstuck

Learn to address personal and professional obstacles with renowned psychologist, author, and speaker, Elizabeth Lombardo.


Overcoming Anxiety

Explore the source of your anxiety and how to let it go.

Beyond Depression

Rediscover the joy and beauty in your life.

Navigating Grief

Gain the perspective and skills to process grief.

Focus areas to help you meaningfully grow and thrive

Personal growth & development

Recovering From Rejection and Failure

Cultivate emotional resilience with renowned psychologist and TED speaker, Dr. Guy Winch.


Repairing Trust and Intimacy

Deepen your relationships by learning how to communicate more effectively and better navigate conflict.


Learning to Love Yourself

Love and accept yourself unconditionally so you can grow.

Managing Emotions

Develop resiliency against overwhelming emotions.

Rewiring Habits

Explore the source of your anxiety and how to let it go.

Essentials of Ketamine Therapy

Learn how to take advantage of increased neuroplasticity.

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