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In this episode of Free Your Mind, we dive into the stories of people who have battled depression and anxiety for decades. What do all of their experiences have in common? Ketamine therapy—a transformative mental health treatment. We’ll meet Dana, a mother, who reclaimed her life, allowing her to engage with her children and rediscover self-care. And Seth, a first responder who found a way to overcome his past trauma and finally move forward with purpose.

We’ll also chat with mental health experts about ketamine’s ability to boost neuroplasticity, or “rewire” the brain and help people approach old problems with new perspectives. Join host Nate Tobey in heartfelt conversations of recovery and learn about what’s really happening in the brain during ketamine therapy.

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(00:00) Introduction
(01:38) The history of ketamine
(02:40) Mindbloom’s approach and clinical study
(4:13) Meet Stephen
(7:30) What’s happening to your brain when it’s depressed?
(9:30) Meet Dana
(10:43) When traditional antidepressants stopped working for Dana and Stephen
(13:24) What’s going on in your brain during ketamine therapy?
(15:01) How ketamine therapy translates to real life
(15:54) What happens during a Mindbloom session?
(20:00) Meet Seth
(24:40) Safety
(26:24) What is psychedelic integration and why is it so powerful?
(29:35) Conclusion

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