Unlock Your Potential With Ketamine Therapy for Anxiety

Your anxiety breakthrough awaits. Mindbloom’s clinician-prescribed, science-backed psychedelic therapy often leads to rapid, meaningful results after your initial sessions. Our world-class clinical team will help make sure it’s right for you.

89% of Mindbloom clients report improvements in anxiety and depression symptoms.


Mindbloom has been totally worth it. The ketamine treatments have decreased my anxiety significantly.

Wood Finisher

In just a few sessions, Mindbloom saved my life.

Retail Store Manager

I’ve built habits to support my wellbeing that will last the rest of my life.


Mindbloom helped build a foundation that I needed to keep me from spiraling and feeling lost.

Financial Advisor

I couldn’t feel happiness before ketamine treatment. I do now.

Nurse Practitioner

Ketamine therapy changed my life and I am beyond grateful.


For the first time in 20 years I have been able to phase out my anxiety medications.

Business Systems Analyst

I cannot believe how much better I felt in just a few short weeks. My quality of life has improved so much.

Healthcare Worker

Ketamine silenced the constant thoughts that have been torturing me for most of my life.

Business Owner

Mindbloom has helped me take back control of my life. I feel free.

Sales Engineer

Benefits of Mindbloom’s Anxiety Treatment


Since 1970, Ketamine has been an FDA-approved anesthetic, and it is well-tolerated with patients ranging from young children to seniors.

It’s now used safely as an off-label prescription to treat anxiety, as well as depression, PTSD, OCD, and other mental health-related diagnoses.


Ketamine is the only clinician-prescribed psychedelic medicine. Mindbloom’s licensed psychiatric clinicians are qualified to diagnose mental health conditions, prescribe appropriate medications, and facilitate positive therapeutic experiences using ketamine as a treatment for anxiety and depression.

Learn more about Ketamine's legal status.


Mindbloom’s ketamine therapy is fully virtual! Enjoy your therapeutic journey in comfort and safety wherever you are, monitored by a loved one or close friend. Our expert psychedelic medicine guides and clinicians assist you every step of the way.

Please review the important safety information on our website for more information about the potential risks and side effects of ketamine

Why ketamine is effective for anxiety treatment

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Ketamine is rapidly effective

Ketamine’s benefits often begin to appear within hours, and clinical trials with intravenous ketamine have shown peak mood elevation about 24-36 hours after treatment.

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You don’t have to take it every day

Unlike other psychiatric medications that are typically taken daily, ketamine treatments are far less frequent. Our clients often begin by taking medication weekly during their initial four-session program and then increase the duration between treatments in subsequent programs.

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It can enhance neuroplasticity and promote awareness of new perspectives

The biological and neurochemical basis of ketamine creates a fertile brain state for making powerful, positive changes in your life. Ketamine helps release BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor), which helps promote the growth, maintenance, and survival of neurons, enhancing neuroplasticity.

The actions and behaviors you take can be received more fully, and settle in more naturally, through the neuroplastic state ketamine induces.


Is Mindbloom covered by insurance?

Mindbloom does not accept insurance at this time. However, some clients are able to get reimbursed by their insurance provider. After your first virtual visit, we can provide you with a “superbill” —an itemized invoice— that you can submit.

If you would like to check with your insurance provider about possible out-of-network reimbursement up to $650, here are the billing codes that we use in that invoice:

99204 - 45 min initial consult ($400)
99214 - 25 min med mgmt. after Virtual Visit #1 ($250)

Does my HSA/FSA cover Mindbloom treatment?

As some Mindbloom treatment services could be considered qualified expenses, it may be possible to utilize HSAs or FSAs to pay for treatment. To determine if these services are covered, try and utilize these cards during the checkout process.

If you’re unable to make a payment with these methods, check with the card’s processor, as eligible expenses are ultimately determined by them.

If treatment isn’t for me, will I be refunded?

Mindbloom is able to offer refunds only in specific cases. If you’re disqualified for treatment by a Mindbloom Clinician, you will receive a 100% refund.

Any additional questions on cancellations and/or refunds should be directed to your Mindbloom Guide, who can assist you with account-related inquiries.