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Mindbloom for PTSD

Break free from PTSD with Mindbloom’s transformational, trauma-informed psychedelic therapy program.

Over 450,000 psychedelic sessions

“After Mindbloom, my PTSD symptoms are gone. I absolutely love my life. For so long I didn’t, and this is an astounding new feeling.”

Seth M.

“Mindbloom has helped me understand my past and I finally feel like myself again.”

Rhiannon K.

“I’ve suffered from PTSD since 1985. With Mindbloom, I’m now in the best place I’ve ever been in my mental health journey.”

Bill C.

“I struggle with PTSD. After my first session with Mindbloom, I finally felt relief and peace.”

Laura D.

A new way to treat PTSD

Heal at your pace, in your place

Mindbloom treatment happens in the comfort of home, offering convenience, discretion, and a safe space to process insights. You’ll have plenty of support every step of the way from your dedicated care team and fellow clients.

A powerful medicine for the mind

Ketamine’s unique dissociative properties allow you to address traumatic experiences of the past in a gentler way. It also helps your brain form new connections so you can start to see your world with a new, positive outlook and build healthier habits.

A holistic, transformational program

Mindbloom for PTSD combines psychedelic therapy with 1:1 coaching, hours of content, valuable tools for treatment and beyond, and a supportive community to help you reclaim your life.

Shari Botwin, LCSW

Program author, therapist, and trauma survivor

Am I a candidate?

Together, we’ll explore how to overcome guilt, rise above shame, and re-learn to trust ourselves and others.”

Our Programs

With more than 10 focus areas to choose from, you can align your coaching and integration to get the most out of your treatment—and see yourself, and the world around you, begin to bloom.

Focus areas to help you find relief from mental health challenges

Profound relief

Mindbloom for PTSD

Leverage the power of neuroplasticity and the non-triggering nature of ketamine to address trauma of all kinds.


Beating Burnout

Break the cycle of burnout and rediscover joy with psychologist and professor, Dr. Shauna Shapiro.


Overcoming Anxiety

Explore the source of your anxiety and how to let it go.

Managing Emotions

Develop resiliency against overwhelming emotions.

Rewiring Habits

Explore the source of your anxiety and how to let it go.

Beyond Depression

Rediscover the joy and beauty in your life.

Navigating Grief

Gain the perspective and skills to process grief.

Focus areas to help you meaningfully grow and thrive

Personal growth & development

Recovering From Rejection and Failure

Cultivate emotional resilience with renowned psychologist and TED speaker, Dr. Guy Winch.


Getting Unstuck

Learn to address personal and professional obstacles with renowned psychologist, author, and speaker, Elizabeth Lombardo.


Repairing Trust and Intimacy

Deepen your relationships by learning how to communicate more effectively and better navigate conflict.


Learning to Love Yourself

Love and accept yourself unconditionally so you can grow.

Essentials of Ketamine Therapy

Learn how to take advantage of increased neuroplasticity.

The Mindbloom difference

While there are existing options for PTSD treatment, Mindbloom offers a new approach that brings healing to your home and addresses symptoms at the source—with a comprehensive, supportive program.

In-Person Ketamine Clinics
Traditional Psychiatry

Convenient at-home treatment

Fast-acting relief

Next-generation medicines

Expert-developed therapeutic programs

Start healing your PTSD, today.