What the Reddit Community is Saying About Ketamine Therapy

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December 29, 2020
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Reddit is a great place to hear first-hand stories from people across the globe, representing any number of communities. Discussion around mental health and ketamine therapy is no exception.

Users are increasingly turning to niche Reddit communities —known as “subreddits”— to share their ketamine and psychedelic therapy success stories. Reddit users are often eager to share their experiences through “ask me anything” (AMA) style Q&A sessions to help other users learn about a topic or experience. These personal accounts are genuine, and often provide insight that helps others make informed decisions about life choices.

What Reddit Users are Saying about Their Own Ketamine Treatment

“I had my socks blown off. All the anxiety, depression, and the weight of all those things was blasted away. I didn't realize how much of it I carry around day to day, until it was gone. And I mean gone. I suddenly started weeping. All the pain and struggle was completely gone. I managed to text my sister and let her know how amazing it was to feel free of it all. I could not stop crying from the relief…

I hope all of you out there suffering can find the relief I felt. I know it's cliche, but do not give up hope. Things CAN get better. I really wish this was available to everyone struggling from treatment resistant depression. I know the pain of trying everything you can, and still feeling like it's some how your fault. Hang in there.”

- u/Sheepsaysmoo

“It's been over a year since I started and 9 months since my last booster but I the way I used to feel every day is now completely unfathomable. It is impossible to express how light and free I feel today. I have been quarantined alone in a one bedroom apartment for the better part of a year while the world falls apart around me and yet I have never felt so calm, so happy, and so healthy in my life…

I am not the "woo" type but I truly feel like I have been reborn after ketamine treatment. Don't give up hope — life on the other side is incredible!!”

- u/moutarde_maille

“ I have severe PTSD, which I would characterize as treatment-resistant. In the past few months, I have experienced an incredible amount of mental clarity and mood improvement. I commented on this in therapy, as we've discussed in the past what it would feel like "being better." It is a foreign concept to me, having lived most of my life dealing with trauma, both acute and recurring.

Most noticeably, I have seen an increase in resiliency when confronted by my usual triggers. I say this as I am 2 days away from the anniversary of my most detrimental trauma. The mood elevation has been a nice change. I have more energy to do day-to-day activities. I also notice that I am having improved focus in some areas, while there are others wherein I still struggle.”

- u/onwardtomanagua

“Backstory: 32 years old, male, gay, and have had depression since I realized I was gay at about 12 years old. Never dealt with it, always stuffed it down and beat myself up mentally over it. Been “out” for 5 years. Have accepting family and friends and am navigating a self-acceptance journey, coupled with the depression I’d learned to live with that’s likely partially genetic and partially from environmental stressors. The last two serious depressive episodes were triggered by breakups…

I am coupling this with a therapist who specializes in helping the LGBTQ community with mental health, and I speak to him once a week (have twice so far). I feel optimistic, hopeful, happy, and find myself laughing again. I cleaned my house, have been cooking for myself again. I am not cripplingly sad, I’m in the “normal” range, just grieving the end of a relationship the way my friends seem to. It’s no longer debilitating…

My lows are manageable, my highs are where they should be, and my life is good. I am not suicidal, and my friends and family have commented on my attitude lately, that I “seem like myself again”. I was at a place where I felt like taking a shower was a chore...I look forward to it again. I am ready to tackle life again, instead of letting it tackle me.“

- u/db_1988

“It is still early, but I feel like I am finally able to control my thoughts and emotions. I absolutely have stressors, but I am able to recognize and take the steps to take care of myself. I’m not exhausted anymore from constantly trying to fight or control my mental state...

I’m so thankful this was an option for me. I’ve tried so many antidepressants and don’t function well on them...

Lastly - I am so grateful for this community. THANK YOU for answering my questions and being a source of comfort.”

- u/Dot-Klutzy

“I've suffered from depression for 20+ years, with the addition of anxiety in the last 10 or so. I've tried numerous prescription drugs, vitamins, minerals, supplements, as well as CBD and THC. Some worked better than others, but I was never able to find any "magic" combination that produced consistent, long term results...

For the first time in years, I feel like a normal-ish human being. Gone are the feelings of dread. My mind is no longer consumed by negative thoughts, playing out every "what if" scenario ("Are people taking about me behind my back? Am I in trouble at work? Why do I feel like a failure? How can I solve this?" Etc). While this isn't a cure (I've had some insomnia and anxiety the last couple days), the improvements are substantial. I'm laughing and smiling a lot more. I can concentrate to a much better degree. I can string two thoughts together without losing my train of thought. I've had bursts of energy, enjoying a hobby that I had no interest in for over a year. I've noticed that I'm acting much nicer and it is a pleasant feeling.”

- u/BigMikeATL

Ketamine and Psychedelic Therapy Subreddits

If you’d like to do more research and hear first-hand treatment accounts, here are some subreddits specifically devoted to discussion around ketamine treatment, psychedelic therapy and medicine, and psychedelic research:






These communities discuss treatments, solutions, news, and general information related to psychedelic therapy solutions.

Each Ketamine Therapy Experience is Different

While most of the conversation around ketamine therapy on Reddit is favorable about the treatment, it’s important to understand that each person’s psychedelic journey is different. The excerpts above represent the positive outcomes of these Reddit users’ healing journeys, but may not paint the full picture of their experience. We encourage you to read their full stories to understand how ketamine treatment has affected their lives.

Additionally, some Reddit users report using different treatment methods such as IV/IM infusions, nasal sprays, or troches / tablets, which can provide different experiences and outcomes as well.

Overall, like the science-backed research around ketamine, feedback around this treatment modality is overwhelmingly positive. We thank these users for contributing their stories and continuing the conversation about how psychedelic medicine can change lives.

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This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits of any treatment. If you are in a life-threatening situation, call the National Suicide Prevention Line at +1 (800) 273-8255, call 911, or go to the nearest emergency room.

Important FDA Safety Information

Ketamine is not FDA-approved for the treatment of depression or anxiety. Learn more about off-label uses here.

Side effects of ketamine treatment may include: altered sense of time, anxiety, blurred vision, diminished ability to see/hear/feel, dry mouth, elevated blood pressure or heart rate, elevated intraocular or intracranial pressure, excitability, loss of appetite, mental confusion, nausea/vomiting, nystagmus (rapid eye movements), restlessness, slurred speech, synesthesia (a mingling of the senses).

Do not proceed with ketamine treatment if any of the following apply to you:

  • Allergic to ketamine
  • Symptoms of psychosis or mania
  • Uncontrolled high blood pressure
  • CHF or other serious heart problem
  • Severe breathing problem
  • History of elevated intraocular or intracranial pressure
  • History of hyperthyroidism
  • Other serious medical illness
  • Pregnant, nursing, or trying to become pregnant

Ketamine has been reported to produce issues including, but not limited to, those listed below. However, lasting adverse side-effects are rare when medical protocols are carefully followed.

While ketamine has not been shown to be physically addictive, it has been shown to cause moderate psychological dependency in some recreational users.

  • In rare cases, frequent, heavy users have reported increased frequency of urination, urinary incontinence, pain urinating, passing blood in the urine, or reduced bladder size
  • Ketamine may worsen problems in people with schizophrenia, severe personality disorders, or other serious mental disorders.
  • Users with a personal or family history of psychosis should be cautious using any psychoactive substance, including ketamine, and discuss potential risks with your MindBloom® clinician before proceeding with treatment.
  • The dissociative effects of ketamine may increase patient vulnerability and the risk of accidents.

To promote positive outcomes and ensure safety, follow these ketamine treatment guidelines:

  • Do not operate a vehicle (e.g., car, motorcycle, bicycle) or heavy machinery following treatment until you’ve had a full night of sleep
  • Refrain from taking benzodiazepines or stimulants for 24 hours prior to treatment
  • Continue to take antihypertensive medication as prescribed
  • Avoid hangovers or alcohol intake
  • Refrain from consuming solid foods within 3 hours prior to treatment and liquids within 1 hour prior to treatment
  • Ketamine treatment should never be conducted without a monitor present to ensure your safety

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