Five Mindbloom Clients On Their Initial Treatment Sessions

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January 17, 2022
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The decision to move forward with any mental health treatment is not always an easy one. Big decisions are worthy of thoughtful consideration. Whenever you stand at the precipice of a big decision and investment in yourself, it’s helpful to see what the programs have done for others in similar situations. This helps you know that you aren’t alone, that your challenges are real and true, and that there are paths forward for you. 

Through ketamine therapy, Mindbloom helps individuals working through mental health challenges like anxiety and depression. For some, Mindbloom provides a sturdy foundation, a chance to rest and reassess, and move back out into the world once again. For others, Mindbloom has been a pivotal moment in their lives, enabling new ways of viewing themselves and the world. Let’s take a look at some of these now. 

We asked Mindbloom clients* their thoughts about their overall experience after moving through the six sessions of their introductory program, The Basics.

Mindbloom Provided a Helping Hand

“This was a very helpful experience. I was able to release past trauma and view others’ perspectives without judgement. And not judge myself and know that all will be well. Setting intentions was very helpful and my guide was extremely helpful in integrating what the medicine had to teach me.” - B.B.

“I'd been evaluating Mindbloom for a while before making the leap to begin my own experience with this type of therapy. It had always intrigued me, but I felt that without a clear ‘why’ I wasn't ready to do it.

The universe did what it does and forced some major changes in my professional life and gave me a very clear intention. This intention, along with the guidance provided by the staff at Mindbloom, helped me make the most of it, something I believe really can make the difference between an okay experience and one that provides a deeper, more meaningful one. I intend to continue to make Mindbloom a part of my ongoing routine for mental and emotional health and I am glad that psychedelic therapy is becoming an option that can help more people.” – Peter B.

“Not a magic solution that fixes everything, but a huge positive support. Improved mood and decreased anxiety for a span that wanes over a week or two. Deeper self understanding and more inner freedom that continues in some measure if you do the integration work. [My Guide] is awesome and worth her weight in gold. The whole experience has been professional and caring.” – J.W.

For some, what they need most is a helpful presence, and a moment of calm amid the hustle and bustle of the world. As you read, those moments of support, and the elevation in mood and attitude following treatments is exactly what was needed.

For other clients, Mindbloom’s focus on intention and integration in its programs enables and allows for a much deeper level of self-introspection than previously available. This can lead to major shifts in personal identity, mood levels, and one’s relationship to the world.

Mindbloom Has Revolutionary Potential to Transform Lives

“Mindbloom has been a revolution in my life. I've reconnected to a part of myself and my history that I didn't know I lost. And for the first time in 15 years, I feel like I can take a deep breath. As someone who has done therapy of all sorts for decades, the changes Mindbloom is allowing me to make change that feels fundamentally different and sustainable.” – G.M.

“The Mindbloom professionals I worked with during this journey were compassionate and incredibly supportive. They made sure I felt safe, confident, and at ease with the treatment sessions. They were open minded, patient, and encouraging while helping me set intentions for myself, and then they gave me valuable insight toward expanding upon my intentions and putting them into practice, which took me further into the mindset for which I have been striving. The resulting experiences have helped me grow in ways I never would have imagined, and with the help of my guide and clinician, I was able to fully utilize and integrate this growth in my day to day life. For me, Mindbloom has facilitated positive transformation that transcends simple mental health to influence profound spiritual principles and practices that I am excited to explore moving forward. This program is amazing; I highly recommend it!” – Kayla D.

“Mindbloom was life-changing for me. I tried everything for months to get out of my rut but found myself sinking deeper into depression. Between the isolation of Covid social distancing as well as mood changes from menopause, I was overwhelmed with hopelessness and didn't want to admit that I was depressed. I remember hearing about ketamine being used in a clinical study for TRD and that is when I found Mindbloom and researched psychedelic therapies. Mindbloom is amazing —I felt back to ‘normal’ the day after my first treatment, and I'm still feeling the positive effects. Highly Recommended!” – R.T.

If you feel interested or inspired to begin your own journey with psychedelic therapy, we are ready for you. Complete the client assessment linked below to begin your journey.

*Due to the sensitive and personal nature of their treatments with Mindbloom, some clients have asked to be identified by their initials, or first name and last initial only.


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Important FDA Safety Information

Ketamine is not FDA-approved for the treatment of depression or anxiety. Learn more about off-label uses here.

Side effects of ketamine treatment may include: altered sense of time, anxiety, blurred vision, diminished ability to see/hear/feel, dry mouth, elevated blood pressure or heart rate, elevated intraocular or intracranial pressure, excitability, loss of appetite, mental confusion, nausea/vomiting, nystagmus (rapid eye movements), restlessness, slurred speech, synesthesia (a mingling of the senses).

Do not proceed with ketamine treatment if any of the following apply to you:

  • Allergic to ketamine
  • Symptoms of psychosis or mania
  • Uncontrolled high blood pressure
  • CHF or other serious heart problem
  • Severe breathing problem
  • History of elevated intraocular or intracranial pressure
  • History of hyperthyroidism
  • Other serious medical illness
  • Pregnant, nursing, or trying to become pregnant

Ketamine has been reported to produce issues including, but not limited to, those listed below. However, lasting adverse side-effects are rare when medical protocols are carefully followed.

While ketamine has not been shown to be physically addictive, it has been shown to cause moderate psychological dependency in some recreational users.

  • In rare cases, frequent, heavy users have reported increased frequency of urination, urinary incontinence, pain urinating, passing blood in the urine, or reduced bladder size
  • Ketamine may worsen problems in people with schizophrenia, severe personality disorders, or other serious mental disorders.
  • Users with a personal or family history of psychosis should be cautious using any psychoactive substance, including ketamine, and discuss potential risks with your MindBloom® clinician before proceeding with treatment.
  • The dissociative effects of ketamine may increase patient vulnerability and the risk of accidents.

To promote positive outcomes and ensure safety, follow these ketamine treatment guidelines:

  • Do not operate a vehicle (e.g., car, motorcycle, bicycle) or heavy machinery following treatment until you’ve had a full night of sleep
  • Refrain from taking benzodiazepines or stimulants for 24 hours prior to treatment
  • Continue to take antihypertensive medication as prescribed
  • Avoid hangovers or alcohol intake
  • Refrain from consuming solid foods within 3 hours prior to treatment and liquids within 1 hour prior to treatment
  • Ketamine treatment should never be conducted without a monitor present to ensure your safety

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