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May 24, 2023
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Following the excitement of our Mindbloom All Access release, today we’re announcing another major update to Mindbloom repurchase programs: Mindbloom All Access 6 Pack.

Mindbloom All Access is our new program for clients continuing Mindbloom which gives you access to all our therapeutic programming — from anxiety, to depression, to self-love, and more. All Access now comes in 6 or 18 session packs, giving you a balance between flexibility and depth in your healing journey.

All Access is available now to all existing clients who have completed The Basics introductory program. You can order Mindbloom All Access here.

Everything Included in the Mindbloom All Access 6 Pack

  1. All of Our Programming, at an Affordable Price
    The smaller 6 Pack is the perfect size to continue with our secondary programming, at $128/session. This is $67 less per session than The Basics program.

  2. Comprehensive Programming Library
    The Mindbloom All Access 6 Pack provides immediate access to all of our therapeutic programming. You will receive complete access to:
  • Our full library of content on healing depression, overcoming anxiety, and more.
  • Intention setting prompts
  • Integration journaling prompts
  • 30+ curated audio tracks
  • 60+ integration library resources

  1. Increased Clinical & Care Team Support
    The Mindbloom All Access 6 Pack includes a call with your clinician, as well as another call with your Guide. These added touch points will help you get the most out of your healing journey and set you up for success over the long run. Alongside this increased access to your care team, you continue to have access to unlimited group integration circles.

Who is Eligible for the Mindbloom All Access 6 Pack?

Mindbloom All Access is available to existing clients who have already completed The Basics introductory program.

If you have already completed the Basics, or are currently enrolled in the Basics and know that you would like to continue your work with Mindbloom, you can order All Access through the mobile app or this link. Please note that All Access can be ordered through the mobile app or desktop site, but the content can only be accessed through the mobile application. 

If you have any questions about eligibility, All Access, or how to register, feel free to reach out to our team at


  1. What’s the total cost?
    The total cost of the Mindbloom All Access 6 Pack is $765. This is $128/session and is billed monthly at $255 for 3 months. This is $67 less/session than The Basics program.
  2. What content/programs will I get access to?
    You will get immediate, complete access to all our therapeutic content including: Going Deeper, Learning to Love Yourself, Beyond Depression, Overcoming Anxiety, and more. 
  3. Do I have to complete each program one by one?
    Not at all. You have full access to our entire programming archive immediately. You can work through an individual program completely if you wish, or select the content that is most relevant for you at the moment. This will help ensure you are working on the topics that are most relevant to you at each step of your journey.
  4. What is changing?
    With this introduction, secondary All Access program packages now come in two options: the 6 Pack or 18 Pack. Both include immediate and complete access to our entire programming library. You will no longer select an individual program to work on, but select the number of sessions you would like to order at one time.
  5. What if I’m in the middle of an existing program?
    Nothing will change if you are currently in a program. When you are ready to continue to a new program, you will simply select one of the two All Access program packages.
  6. Is this a subscription program/payment?
    Mindbloom All Access is not an ongoing subscription. It is a single purchase, billed monthly.
  7. What about the 18 Pack?
    This isn’t going anywhere. When you’re ready to continue, you will have the option to purchase All Access in the 6 or 18 Packs.

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