Introducing the New Mindbloom All Access

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April 18, 2023
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Today we are excited to introduce a major update to our repurchase programs: Mindbloom All Access 18 Pack.

Mindbloom All Access is a completely new program package for continuing your work with Mindbloom. All Access comes in either a 6 or 18 session package, letting you go deeper into your healing journey for longer. It includes complete access to our entire therapeutic programming library. 

Read more about the 6 session option here. This takes a look at the details of the 18 session offering.

This is our most flexible, affordable, and comprehensive program offering to date. All Access is available now to all existing clients who have completed The Basics introductory program. You can order Mindbloom All Access here.

Everything Included in Mindbloom All Access

  1. 18 Mindbloom Sessions, Our Biggest Offering Yet
    18 sessions let you go deeper into your healing journey. These can be scheduled at your own pace, just as you did during The Basics program.

  2. Better Price Per Session
    One of our core missions is to make the remarkable power of ketamine therapy accessible to more people. The 18 session option is billed at $99/session, charged monthly over the course of 9 months.

  3. Comprehensive Programming Library
    Mindbloom All Access provides immediate access to all of our therapeutic programming from our library. This includes all preparatory content, session audio, and detailed integration resources with suggested next steps, covering overcoming anxiety, healing depression, self love, and more.

  4. Greater Clinical & Care Team Support
    All Access 18 Pack includes 3 additional consultations with your clinician and 3 direct calls with your Mindbloom guide. This will help you process more of your experience, gain deeper insights, and create integration plans to truly bring these experiences back home into your life. Alongside this increased access to your care team, you continue to have access to unlimited group integration circles.

  5. A Deeper, Longer Healing Journey
    This multi-month timeline helps you achieve the outcomes that you want. All Access ensures that your insights and healing experiences are integrated more fully into your life while providing the support and resources to give you everything you need to continue on your healing journey.

Who is Eligible for Mindbloom All Access?

Mindbloom All Access 6 or 18 session options are only available to existing clients who have already completed The Basics introductory program. 

If you have already completed the Basics, or are currently enrolled in the Basics and know that would like to continue your work with Mindbloom, you can order All Access through the mobile app or this link. Please note that All Access can be ordered through the mobile app or desktop site, but the content can only be accessed through the mobile application. 

If you have any questions about eligibility, All Access, or how to register, feel free to reach out to our team at


  1. What’s the total cost?
    For the 18 session option, the total cost of Mindbloom All-Access is $1,782. This is $99/session (this is almost $100 less per session than The Basics program for new clients) and is billed monthly for 9 months.
  2. What content/programs will I get access to?
    You will get immediate, complete access to our current and expanding archive of therapeutic programs. These include: The Basics, Going Deeper, Learning to Love Yourself, Beyond Depression, and Overcoming Anxiety. New programs are also being actively developed.
  3. Do I have to complete each program one by one?
    Not at all. You have full access to our entire programming archive immediately. You can work through an individual program completely if you wish, or select the content that is most relevant for you at the moment. This will help ensure you are working on the topics that are most relevant to you at each step of your journey.
  4. Is this a subscription program/payment?
    Mindbloom All-Access is not an ongoing subscription. It is a single purchase, billed monthly.
  5. How is this different from the 6 session option?
    The 18 Pack provides more medicine sessions, increased care team support, all at a lower price point of $99/session.

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